These documents supplement the support you get from our programs and tutors. A larger list of resources, including resources for online learning, can be found on our OneDrive.

Top Resources

How You Spend Your Time

Budget your time by tracking your schedule for a week.

Week in Preview

Be more realistic about your time budget by previewing assignments..

Weekly schedule

Plan out your week to better manage your time!

Semester planner 

Get an overview of your semester to help prepare for the busy weeks.

1-3-5 List 

Turbo-charge your to-do list with this strategy.

Prioritization tool 

Use to determine which tasks to work on first.

Manage Your Inbox

Learn how to better organize your email inbox and create filters.

Time Management and Overcoming Procrastination

Managing your time is the first step in keeping your semester manageable.

Find more resources to preview your week, analyze your time, and prioritize your time or exams.

Other Study Aids

Skill Resources

Find more resources hosted on our OneDrive account:

  • Online learning strategies
  • Note taking
  • Writing papers

Targeted Academic Skills and Guides