Study Aids for Hopkins Students

If you missed our virtual workshop series but would like more information about navigating the online learning experience, you can access the slideshows through the links below:

Online Learning Resources

The Office of Academic Support has put together “quick tip” resources that are tailored specifically to Hopkins students!

Featured Video

Time Management and Overcoming Procrastination

Targeted Academic Skills

  • The Study Cycle – Become a more effective learner and build studying into your daily routine
  • Note taking – Need some note-taking advice?
  • Active reading strategies – How to get the most out of your readings
  • SQ4R Reading Guide – Use this organizer along with the Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Rephrase-Review (SQ4R) active reading method
  • Writing papers – This guide will assist you with organizing your thoughts, creating an outline, writing your draft and constructing your final paper.

Study Tips

Course Content Study Guides

Please note: some of these guides are professor specific.