Register for a PILOT Session

Welcome to PILOT Registration! Participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in registering for multiple courses, you will have the option to select a PILOT session for each course. You must be registered for the course in order to enroll in a PILOT session. See below for the complete list of courses PILOT will be supporting in the summer 2024 semester.

PILOT Registration Summer 2024

  • Session I Registration Opens: May 16th at 9pm EST
  • Session II Registration Opens; June 20th at 9pm EST

Summer 2024 PILOT Format

PILOT for Introductory Chemistry I/II & Organic Chemistry I/II meets in-person twice per week for 2 hours each session during the summer semester. PILOT for all math courses in summer are virtual office hours and review sessions given by a PILOT leader instead of traditional PILOT sessions. Penji registration for math PILOT is NOT needed ahead of time. Information for accessing PILOT support in math will be given to all students when classes start. Registration for the chemistry courses in Penji IS REQUIRED when it opens. Scroll to bottom of page for a list of all PILOT-supported courses this summer.

Registration Instructions

The Office of Academic Support uses Penji to connect students to our Academic Support Programs. Students will utilize Penji to register for PILOT. Follow the steps below to register for a PILOT session:

  1. Set up your Account: Visit Penji here or download the Penji app for iOS or Android and create your account using your JHU email. Once you login, you should see “Communities” you are eligible for. Communities represent each of our Academic Support Programs. Please select the PILOT Learning Community.*Please note that you will not see the PILOT Learning Community appear when you login until registration opens on January 15th at 9pm EST.
  2. Register for a PILOT Session: Once in the PILOT Learning Community, click on the Students tab on the left-hand side. From there, you should be able to see the option to “Join Event”. Click on this to see all available PILOT sessions for the course(s) you are eligible for. If you click on the filters tab, you can view sessions by course. Once you see a session you would like to join, click into it and then click “Join Event”. If this option does not appear or it says “Join Waitlist” instead, this means the Event (PILOT session) you chose has already been filled and you can choose to join the waitlist instead or go back and choose a different PILOT session. That’s it! Once registered, your registered PILOT session should automatically sync to your calendar. The event will also have the room location listed (if it says TBD, the location will be updated soon). Remember, you will not be able to join events until registration opens. Watch this video if you would like to see a demo on how to register.
  3. Penji will not allow you to register for more than 1 session per course. If you join an event (session) for a course and then change your mind and want to join another event instead for the same course, you must first drop the original event in order to register for the new one. To drop an event, go back to your main screen in the students tab. You should see your upcoming event dates you registered for. Click into the event you want to drop. You will see 3 dots in the top right-hand corner. Click on this and then select “leave event”. This will drop you from the session for the entire semester. You can then go back in and choose another event.
  4. View Ground Rules & Expectations: Once registered for an event (PILOT session), please review the Ground Rules & Expectations at the top of your event. These rules and expectations must be followed to remain in your session throughout the semester.

Penji Registration FAQ

What do I do if I registered for an event (PILOT session) for a course, but I have since dropped the course? Click into the event you want to drop. You will see three dots in the top right-hand corner. Click on this and then select “leave event”. This will drop you from the event for the entire semester.

What do I do if I registered for an event (PILOT session) and realize I don’t need PILOT support any more for the course? Follow the same steps as the question above.

What do I do if I registered for an event (PILOT session), but my schedule changed and I need to switch to a different session? If you need to switch to a different session, you must first drop the current session you are registered for (follow instructions in first question on how to drop an event). Then you can simply register for a new available session. Please be sure to drop yourself from the previous session to allow for others to register!!

What do I do if I am unable to get into an event (PILOT session) for a course? Please click on the “Join Waitlist” option when you click into the event. The Waitlist is viewed regularly and you will be contacted when a space opens.

How do I contact my PILOT Leader if I am going to be late, absent etc.? During your first session, your PILOT leaders will discuss with you the best way to contact each other (penji app, email, text, groupme etc.). If you haven’t attended a session yet and need to communicate with your PILOT leader, you can message them in the Penji App (click on the event–>PILOT Leader–> Chat with PILOT Leader).

I wasn’t able to get into the PILOT Session I wanted. Can I show up anyway? No. Students must be registered in order to attend sessions. PILOT Leaders will take attendance every session to account for each student on their roster. However, you can register for an available session at any time using the Penji App!

I just added a new course to my spring schedule today. Why can’t I see the course offerings yet in penji to register for a PILOT session? There is a time period that the system needs to reset before the new course will appear for you in penji to register for a PILOT session. During the first few days of registration, penji will reset this more frequently, but could take up to 24 hours to appear.

When does PILOT registration end? You can register for any open PILOT sessions all semester long!

Summer Session I (5/28-6/28)

  • Linear Algebra (AS.110.201)
  • Introductory Chemistry I (AS.030.101)
  • Organic Chemistry I (AS.030.205)

Math Online Summer Session (6/3-7/26)

  • Calculus I ENG (AS.110.108)
  • Calculus II BIO (AS.110.107)
  • Calculus II ENG (AS.110.109)
  • Calculus III (AS.110.202)
  • Differential Equations (AS.110.302)
  • Linear Algebra (AS.110.201)
  • Pre-calculus (AS.110.105)

Summer Session II (7/1-8/2)

  • Calculus I ENG (AS.110.108)
  • Calculus III (AS.110.202)
  • Introductory Chemistry II (AS.030.102)
  • Organic Chemistry II (AS.030.206)
  • Pre-calculus (AS.110.105)