Request a Consultant

The Study Consulting Program helps undergraduate students strengthen their academic skills, adjust to the increased demands of college, and fulfill their academic potential. You may enroll in the program at any time before or during the semester.

To obtain a study consultant:

  • Call the front desk (410-516-8216)
  • ADVITE Scheduler allows you to view my availability, schedule and cancel appointments, and receive appointment confirmations and reminders. To schedule an appointment, please log into ADVITE Scheduler and select Study Consulting from the drop down at the bottom where it says Select an Advisor.  If you have any difficulty, please call the front desk.

At the time of the appointment you will go to Wyman Park Building, Suite 170-AA. During this appointment we will discuss your needs and aspirations concerning The Study Consulting Program.

To receive a consultant, you must commit to meeting with your consultant on a weekly basis and agree to participate in the program for the duration of the semester.