Personalized Tutoring

Personalized tutoring is one-on-one specialized tutoring offered for students with additional needs. Students who meet specific requirements can be referred for personalized tutoring. Students can be referred by faculty, TAs, CSS staff, success coaches, academic advisors, faculty advisors, case managers, or OAS staff. All referrals must be made by a professional staff member, faculty or a TA. 

Requirements for Referral

Students must meet at least one of the below requirements to qualify for personalized tutoring.

  • Low academic preparation: lower placement, SAT/ACT, or AP scores, “C” or lower on prerequisite courses, gateway courses not taken at Hopkins, or English is student’s second language
  • Current course trouble: low raw score on midterm/exam or low pre-curve grade
  • Academic standing: GPA below 2.5, on academic probation, or returning from a dismissal 
  • Disability: student has a learning or other disability that makes learning in a group setting difficult

Additional Requirements

  • Student must be attending classes and be academically engaged 
  • Student must be up to date with required work 
  • Student must be using office hours and other resources
  • Student’s issue with academics must be academic
  • Student must want a personalized tutor 

Exceptions to the above listed criteria will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you feel a student needs a personalized tutor but he or she does not meet these criteria, please contact Kaitlin Quigley at