Drop-in Tutoring Schedule

Drop-in tutoring for the Spring 2023 semester will begin on Monday, January 30th. The schedule below is subject to change. We often add extra sessions prior to final exams.

The Learning Den is closed during university holidays and weather-related closures. Please refer to our major-specific help rooms for assistance during times when Learning Den support is not available. Check with your TA or professor for additional support and office hours.

Please note: The schedule below will continue through the reading period. For the finals drop-in schedule, please click here.

Zoom links for all virtual sessions are all available online.

Course NumberCourseMonday HoursTuesday HoursWednesday HoursThursday HoursFriday
Saturday HoursSunday Hours
AS.030.102/206Chemistry (Intro & Organic)4:30-6:30pm EST (Gilman 313)7:00-9:00pm EST (Zoom)7:00-9:00 EST (Zoom)6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 186)
AS.171.101/102/104/108Physics (I, II, AL)6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 134)6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 134)7:15-9:15pm EST
(Gilman 134)
4:00-6:00pm EST (Zoom)
AS.180.101/102Economics (Elements of Micro/Macro)6:00pm-8:00pm EST (Gilman 186)6:00-8:00pm EST (Zoom)
AS.080.305/050.203Neuroscience (Cellular and Systems & Cognitive)6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 17)6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 17)
AS.110.106/107/109Calculus I & II1:00-9:00pm EST (Krieger 213)9:00am-9:00pm EST (Krieger 213)3:00-9:00pm EST (Krieger 213)1:00-4:00pm; 6:00-9:00pm EST (Krieger 213)9:00am-9:00pm EST (Krieger 213)
AS.110.202Calculus III8:00-10:00pm EST (Zoom)6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 119)
AS.110.201/302 & EN.553.291Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, LADE12:00-2:00pm EST (Zoom)6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 217)
AS.020.306Cell Biology7:00-9:00pm EST (Gilman 119)7:00-9:00pm EST (Zoom)
AS.020.305Biochemistry6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 10)6:00-8:00pm EST (Zoom)
AS.020.152General Biology II4:00-6:00pm EST (Zoom)6:00-8:00pm EST (Gilman 400)
AS.020.303Genetics6:30-8:30pm EST (Gilman 119)6:00-8:00pm EST (Zoom)
AS.200.141Foundations of Brain, Behavior, & Cognition7:00-9:00pm EST (Gilman 186)7:00-9:00pm EST (Zoom)