The Learning Den is closed during university holidays and weather-related closures. Please refer to our major-specific help rooms for assistance during times when Learning Den support is not available. Check with your TA or professor for additional support and office hours.

If you have any questions, please email the Assistant Director of the Learning Den, Joseph Cunningham, at [email protected].

Summer Drop-In Schedule (Starting May 28th)

Please Note: With the exception of Organic Chemistry (in Remsen 140), all Learning Den Summer Drop-in Sessions will be held online. To access an online Drop-in Room: please visit the link below at the date/time of the desired drop-in session. This link leads to an online drop-in waiting room where the tutor will grant you access to a Zoom room.

Link to Drop-in Waiting Room:

Organic Chemistry I & II (in Remsen 140)6 to 8 pm
Chemistry I & II3 to 6 pm6 to 8 pm
Pre-Calculus & Calculus I6 to 9 pm
Calculus II-Bio6 to 9 pm
Calculus II-Engineering 6 to 9 pm
Calculus III6 to 9 pm6 to 9 pm
Linear Algebra6 to 9 pm
Linear Algebra-Differential Equations7 to 9 pm
Physics 7 to 9 pm
6 to 9 pm