Learning Den Tutoring

The Learning Den offers three free programs to all registered students in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering. These programs are drop-in group tutoring that focuses on specific courses, help rooms to support specific departments, and personalized tutoring. Tutors can assist students with:

  • Review and strengthening of subject-specific material knowledge
  • Assist with homework-like problems
  • Course-specific study skills and exam preparation

Tutoring sessions being the second full week of classes and run through the last week of classes with the exception of university holidays. Group tutoring sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the subject, while personalized tutoring sessions are one hour long.

Tutors are not trained to teach class material, so be sure to come prepared, having attended class, reviewed your notes, and taken steps to study the material. 

Supported Courses

The following courses are typically supported during the academic year, through drop-in group tutoring sessions or help rooms. Supported courses are subject to change based on need and availability. If there is a course not listed that you would like us to support, contact quigley@jhu.edu with your name, email, program, and course name and number.

Course NumberCourse Title
020.151General Biology I
030.101Introductory Chemistry I
030.103Applied Chemical Equilibrium & Reactivity
030.205Organic Chemistry I
080.105Introduction to Neuroscience
080.305Neuroscience: Cellular and Systems I
171.101Physics I (Phy Sci)
171.103Physics I (Bio)
180.241International Trade
180.301Microeconomic Theory
Course NumberCourse Title
020.152General Biology II
020.306Cell Biology
030.102Introductory Chemistry II
030.206Organic Chemistry II
553.111Statistical Analysis I
171.101Physics I (ENG)
171.102Physics II (ENG)
171.104Physics II (Bio Sci)
Course NumberCourse Title
030.205/206Organic Chemistry I & II
110.105Introduction to Calculus
110.106Calculus I (Bio & Soc)
110.107Calculus II (Bio & Soc)
110.108Calculus I (Sci & Eng)
110.109Calculus II (Sci & Eng)
110.202Calculus III
030.101/102Introductory Chemistry I & II
171.107Physics AL (Phy Sci)