Learning Den, Study Consulting, PILOT, and more

The Office of Academic Support offers programs to improve study skills, provide subject-specific tutoring, and encourage peer to peer collaborative learning.

Our mission is to provide a framework upon which students can build a pathway to success. Through collaborative, peer-led programming we equip students with the tools necessary to achieve their full academic potential.

These resources are available to all students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering throughout the academic year, and are provided free of charge.

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Best Study Spaces on Campus

As we transition back to in-person classes, there will be fewer zoom meetings and bedroom classes. It’s time to find a study space on campus! Although MSE Library and Brody Learning commons are probably the most popular choices, other places may become your favorite spot.   MSE Library  Located behind the beach, MSE Library is the […]

Academic Support: Mid-semester Help

As we approach the halfway point in the fall semester, many Johns Hopkins students have likely taken their first tests and/or submitted their first papers of the academic year. While the Blue Jay Family Flyer has highlighted academic support services in the past, October is a great time for families to remind their Blue Jays […]

PILOT Summer Registration – Opens May 24, 2021

Registration for Summer PILOT will open on Monday, May 24, 2021 at 9pm EST. For a list of supported courses, please visit: https://academicsupport.jhu.edu/pilot/register/