Best Study Spaces on Campus

As we transition back to in-person classes, there will be fewer zoom meetings and bedroom classes. It’s time to find a study space on campus! Although MSE Library and Brody Learning commons are probably the most popular choices, other places may become your favorite spot.  

MSE Library 

Located behind the beach, MSE Library is the perfect place to go when you want the traditional library experience. Starting from M-level to the infamous D-level, you’ll find varying atmospheres depending on the floor you visit. M-level has a more open layout. It is also where the Service Desk is located. Here, students and faculty can get assistance with finding or checking out books. A-level is excellent for group projects as it has bigger tables, but can get quite loud. It is also where the IT office is for technical problems such as connecting to wifi. B-, C-, and D-level have individualized and sectioned-off desks that can optimize your focus. Additionally, C-level has a room dedicated to group studying, and D-level is a place perfect for silence.  

Brody Learning Commons 

Built more recently, Brody Learning Commons (or simply Brody) is a modern building. It has an atrium with a large glass wall for natural light and 16 private rooms that you can book in advance. Note that you can only book up to two hours at a time and per day! On the top floor of Brody Learning Commons, you’ll find the stunning quiet reading room. If you want to stretch your legs, take a peek at the quiet reading room’s display of exciting objects from the Special Collections. If you get hungry while you study, you can also go out to the Brody Learning Cafe for a quick snack or a cup of coffee! 

Gilman Hall  

The iconic Gilman Hall is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. Walking into the Gilman Hall makes you feel as if you have been transferred to a different time – but be careful not to step on the seal. Gilman Atrium is perfect if you want to sit in a marble room with glass ceilings that give you more sunlight while you are studying. If you walk past Gilman Atirum, you’ll find the Albert D. Hutzler Reading Room (the HUT) that houses the Writing Center and Learning Den.  

Mudd Hall 

Mudd Hall’s atrium gives a mystical feeling at night. Surrounded by trees outside the atrium, Mudd Hall is surprisingly a pleasant place to go if you want to study in the evenings. Especially with its rocking chairs! Located near most buildings such as the Undergraduate Teaching Labs, FFC, and the Freshman Quad, Mudd Hall is the perfect middle place that will allow you to do it all: from hopping over to a TA section to going to a Late Night at FFC.  

Levering Hall 

While most people might not think of Levering Hall when we discuss study locations, it is a great place to go when you want to be distant from the crowd. During the day, Levering Hall bustles with people getting lunch or visiting the Technology Store. However, at night, it is a calm place with dim lights (and a few students whose faces are lit up by their laptop screen) that gives you an antique feeling. Consider heading over to the once-a-bar Rathskeller, or “the rat”, for an even cozier feel.  

Krieger Computer Lab 

The Computer Lab located in Krieger Hall is a place a lot of students overlook as a resource. Although laptops and computers are not scarce anymore, it’s still a secluded and quiet place to focus. Here’s an old article from 2002 on the Computer Lab’s acquisition of 50 Dell computers.