“There’s a sense of accountability that I lacked while I was trying to plan my own schedule. That was something that I didn’t think I needed, but it has really helped.”

Weekly Planning and Goal-Setting

“It’s a designated hour to review the previous week, strategize about what worked and what didn’t, plan for the next week, set goals, and set up reminders for myself. And during that hour, I’m not getting a grade, I’m not taking a test, I’m not trying to do it all by myself – it’s just really nice to have someone help you talk through your planning.”

Individualized Support

“I like the customizable plans on how to improve study habits and time management to fit my personality.”

Peer Perspectives

“The study consultants really have a feel for what Hopkins is like and they teach you the tools they’ve learned to make your life a lot easier and less stressful.”

Strategies that Promote Success

“The program showed me things that I hadn’t learned in high school. It showed me how to properly prepare for classes and manage my time, as well as manage my eating and sleeping habits.”