Meet Our Consultants

Consultant Abby


“Keep your brain fueled with health snacks, especially if you’re up late studying!”

Consultant Ben


“If the course before an exam offers a review session and a practice exam, always try to do the practice before the session. Then try to do the practice exam again once more to get comfortable with the material.”

Consultant Colleen


“Take advantage of academic resources such as recitation sections, PILOT, and the Learning Den. It will give you insight on your courses and also save you time studying later!”

Consultant Dami


“Don’t just plan your work; plan your fun ;)”

Consultant Eli


“Plan as far in advance as possible and review the day’s notes and lectures each night.”

Consultant Hank


“Make a commitment to excellence today.”

Consultant Jay


“Use your time wisely. As a student, your time is worth just as much as the tuition to go to this school so be sure to use gaps in your schedule to do homework or catch up on classes.”

Consultant John


“Always think about what’s next on your to-do list, so that it never takes you by surprise.”

Consultant KC


“Read the book as you cover the material in class- that way when you sit down to study for the exam you aren’t learning any new material.”

Consultant Laura


“If you’re feeling unfocused or bored, switch locations every few hours to break it up!”

Consultant Lindsay


“Break up big assignments into bite size pieces”

Consultant Malka


“Keep up with class readings and take notes on them. That way, when a test or essay comes along, you already have a rough study guide.”

Consultant Maria


“Taking care of yourself is as important as a study session in Gilman, so take a break, eat balanced, sleep well, and exercise regularly. It really does make a difference.”

Consultant Megan


“Plan ahead! Make a schedule of everything you have to do and stick to it!”

Consultant Michael


“Follow the 50/10 rule (50 minute study session, 10 minutes break). Get a perfect 10!”

Consultant Pamela


“It’s all about balance!”

Consultant Sara


“Set personal deadlines for yourself way before the actual deadline.”

Consultant Sarah


“Don’t Panic! When you are calm and less worried you can get a lot more of an assignment accomplished.”

Consultant Stephanie


“Make flashcards with important terms/definitions as you’re reading your textbook.”

Consultant Talia


“Instead of going back to your dorm room between class to “catch up” on some sleep, catch up on some reading or homework!”