How much does it cost to have a Study Consultant?

This is a service the University offers to full-time undergraduate JHU students free of charge.

When is the best time to enroll in the Study Consulting program?

Ideally, you should enter the program before the semester begins or at the beginning of the semester; however, students are accepted into the program at any time.

(Call the Office of Academic Advising, 410-516-4839, for an appointment with the Study Consulting Program Coordinator).

What will be expected of me if I work with a Consultant?

You will be required to meet with your consultant for one hour each week. We expect you to try different strategies for a few weeks. If you find the strategies are not for you, you are not required to use them, but we’d like you to be open to your consultant’s suggestions. This should be considered as time to investigate and discover strategies and techniques that work for you.

Meeting consistently and promptly are also program expectations.

When and where do I meet with my Consultant?

Most students work with their consultants for one hour each week. The day, time, and location should be mutually agreed upon by both you and the consultant.

Can my Consultant serve as a private tutor?

Consultants are NOT tutors. Study Consultants will help you with academic skills that will aid you in all courses. You may work on one particular course or use a particular course as an example for the skills you learn, but you will not receive tutoring on course-specific content.

Can my Consultant work with my Instructor and/or TA?

Your Study Consultant will encourage you to meet with your instructors, but will not intercede for you. Part of being a responsible college student is learning to be proactive as well as interactive with your instructors.

What if I find the program is not for me?

Hopefully that will not be the case, but if you decide you’d rather not participate, a letter or e-mail to the Coordinator and your assigned consultant saying you are withdrawing from the program is required.