Requirements for Study Consultants

Study Consultants must be registered full-time Juniors, Seniors or Graduate students at Johns Hopkins University.

Study Consultants work one-on-one with undergraduate students on global academic skills such as time management, note-taking skills, managing heavy reading loads, etc. As a Study Consultant, you must be willing to work with a minimum of 2 students each semester and you must commit to this assignment for the full duration of the semester.

To be eligible to serve as a Consultant, a student must be in good academic standing and must have effective study skills, organizational skills, and the desire to help other students.

How to Apply

Applications for new Study Consultants are accepted prior to and at the beginning of each semester. If there is demand, new applications are also accepted at any point during a semester.

To apply, please visit the Student Employment website and complete the online application for job #5680. The job application for “Study Consultant” can be found under the Mentoring category.